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Aime Elkins, a former music industry producer and excutive holds a B.A from U.S.C. School of Cinema Television, with a minor from the Marshall School of Business Entrepreneur Program. In the late 90’s she taught small business marketing at UCLA’s Extension Program.  McCrory has been buying and selling antiques and collectables since the early 1990's and in 2012 Co-founded Estate Sales by Connor.

Steve McCrory, who built a successful career in London based real estate, has bought and sold antiques and collectibles for many years in the U.K. and in the U.S. He has sold at Camden and Portobello market in London prior to coming to the U.S.A. Having lived in California for the last 10 years, McCrory has successfully built a leading cutting edge PR and Marketing Company and has represented individual companies, NY Times bestselling authors, celebrities and speakers over the course of that time.

His company (The Business Muse) has secured placements for Estate Sales by Connor on ABC 7, Good Morning San Diego, The Queen Latifah Show. McCrory and his son write a monthly column for Antique Week Magazine, the largest print national publication serving the antique and collectibles community, which has attributed to the 100+ people often in line the morning of McCrory's estate sales.

As Co-Founder, McCrory is committed to Estate Sales By Connor and helping those in need liquidate their belongings in a profitable, accountable and timely manner.

Director Of Sales: Day Vinton held the title of VP for one of Hollywood's top entertainment companies. After a scuba diving accident, Vinton chose to pursue a less demanding career with Estate Sales by Connor that still allowed her to use her social, organization and sales skills.

Sam was born in Korea and raised in Paraguay and Brazil. He graduated from LaGuardia College with a Business major. He loves people, good food, fine wine, road biking and music. His current passion is Kendo and holds a 3rd Dan. He is a fan of good antiques and art and has collected and sold vintage watches for the past fifteen years. He is fluent in Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.

Customer Service (Proficient in Chinese, Korean and Spanish)

Connor "Youngest Picker" McCrory is the face and the reason why Estate Sales By Connor was formed. His love for yard sales, antiques and anything vintage started at an early stage. At the age of 4 he began collecting vintage Lionel trains! Then, at the age of 5, After watching "Auction Hunters", "American Pickers" and "Storage Wars," when other kids were watching cartoons, he decided that he was going to collect antiques and own an antique store or an auction house when he got older.

By the time he turned 6, Connor ran into Barry Weiss from Storage Wars at a restaurant in LA. He boldly went up to Barry who was eating dinner and told him he was going to buy storage lockers like he does when he got older. Barry said “You are the youngest picker that I ever met, who is for real,” Barry then wrote Connor a note, saying “Connor, please stay in school and out of the Storage Lockers!” He was born with congenital heart dis-ease and was told he’d need open heart surgery at 6 months old. Now, nearly a decade later, Connor who has never had surgery or taken any prescription drugs, is vibrant and healthy. Because of his heart condition, Connor can’t play sports like most kids and it hasn't stopped him doing what he loves most...Estate Sales.

Last year at an estate sale, Connor met Allen Haff from Auction Hunter's. Allen was impressed with Connor’s knowledge of antiques and passion for negotiating. He filmed Connor for two days for a possible segment on the show, as his apprentice, but the network decided not to use the segment in the end. Connor’s passion is to educate everyone he meets about antiques and collectibles. He has taught the principal of his elementary school, Mrs. Acuff, how to buy vintage art deco diamond rings and how to spot Bakelite jewelry. Recently at the Vintage Art Pottery Show, he was discussing Roseville and Weller pottery with one of the most acclaimed dealers in the field. “I go to garage & estate sales weekly to buy & sell antiques. After watching "Auction Hunters", "American Pickers" and "Storage Wars," I talked my mom into letting me sell at The Glendale Flea Market and The Topanga Canyon Flea Market and selling on-line, of course I need her help because I can't spell big words. I am glad that my mom and I are doing estate sales now, because I love to dig through garages and house full of a lot of stuff because I know what is valuable.”, States Connor. In August 2013, Connor was hired by William Seippel, CEO of Worthpoint Corporation and WorthPoint.com, the premier web destination for the art, antiques and collectibles community.


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Martin Willis is currently the Director of Decorative Arts, Boston for James D. Julia which is one of the nations top ten auction galleries and he is also an appraiser/consultant for Worthpoint.com. William Seippel is the perfect example of someone who has turned a passion into a career. He’s been an avid collector since childhood, beginning with baseball cards and continuing into adulthood with Kentucky Long Rifles. Will combined this passion for collecting with his multi-faceted background in business to establish WorthPoint®, the leading online resource for collectors, in 2007.

Barry Weiss ~ Storage Wars ~ ''Connor, Please stay in school and out of those Storage Lockers''


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