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OUR ESTATE SALE & LIQUIDATION PROCESS: We conduct the estate sale by planning, organizing, and paying attention to details and needs of the estate.

Having to liquidate an estate can be an overwhelming and very emotional experience. We work closely with each client to understand their unique situation. We begin by visiting the home and conducting an asset evaluation.  If we feel that we can assist in the liquidation of your assets we will let you know immediately. If we determine that we cannot assist you we will offer recommendations to help. There is NO CHARGE for this assessment.
We provide years of business experience and extensive antique and modern item knowledge as well as close peer relationships with many antique appraisal specialists, and reputable antique dealers. We also have an extensive library of reference, trade, and price guide materials. Our intent is to maintain as much of the value in the estate as possible. If an item is valued at an amount that we believe will be unattainable at an estate sale, we will recommend that this item be sold on consignment basis through an online venue, or sent directly to a high end auction house.

If you decide to use our services, we will begin by providing you with an Estate Sale Working Agreement.

Every Estate is different and our commission is based on the size of the estate and the amount of preparation prior to sale, the sale and the clean up. Working on a commission basis serves as an incentive to sell your assets for the highest prices.

HOUSE PREPARATION: Preparing for a successful estate sale takes a lot of planning and during the pre-sale preparations you will find us taking care of things like:
* Asset assessment: sorting and garbage removal. 
* Obtaining all required city sales permits
* Safety needs of the home, providing protective measures with your home and belongings.
* Preplanning customer traffic logistics -- offering limited entrance and exits to help prevent theft and crowd control.
* Advertising your sale in advance to encourage and entice shoppers to visit your sale. We advertise on multiple websites, newspapers, flyers, as well as our extensive email list which includes weekly high volume shoppers such as antique dealers. auction dealers, and home decorators.
* Post all sale hours, codes of conduct, bidding, payment, and discount policies in high visibility areas using professionally designed signage.
* Assign professional staffing based upon the size and scale of the estate.

SET UP and PRICING: We set up all of the assets to be sold in a safe, professional and appealing manner.

We take the time to showcase your items as if a customer were walking into a very nice shop! It pays to take the extra care and time to make sure that all items are clean and professionally displayed for maximum exposure. Marketing your items to customers is what we do best! Special care is taken as to the placement of fragile and breakable items. Secured display boxes are used to help control the theft of jewelry, and small high value items. Most items and groups of items will be priced. If necessary, we clean, research and sell items outside of the Estate Sale.

We have sold on E-Bay a long time and have 100% positive feedback. Connor was hired by William Seippel, CEO of Worthpoint Corporation and WorthPoint.com, the premier web destination and price datebase for the art, antiques and collectibles community, we have access to proper pricing and research for your estate belongings.


The sale typical runs on a Friday and Saturday. Everything is full price and then half price after noon on the last day.

During the sale, you will find our staff very attentive to our customers! We believe in treating our customers with respect, and courtesy! We enjoy taking the time to chat with our customers and sharing about the items!  We staff the sale with as many employees as necessary to provide proper coverage and security.

We have policies in place during the sale to "drop off" large sums of cash so that at no time is there excessive cash in the drawer to entice potential thieves.

Estate Sales By Connor d.b.a Dionysus Inc. is a licensed and bonded California S Corporation. We hold a Business Services Surety Bond that covers breakage, theft and damage to premises. Our bond number is 3461. In addition, our company holds liability coverage for its officers, and claims all responsibility for company members and hired staff members by company. Traffic areas and steps will be kept clear, and other potential hazards will be marked and blocked off.  Signs will be posted at the entry points of the sale stating that individual assumes all responsibility for entering the premises and for any injuries or other harm occurring in connection with the sale.

Arrangements for appropriate advertising will be made regarding the sale which will include local newspapers and on-line sources, as well as our personal mailing list of collectors, dealers and buyers.  In addition, subject to municipal ordinances, signs promoting the estate sale will be placed in the neighborhood before the sale.

We leave the house in good order after the sale. The remaining items will either be donated, sold to a reputable salvage or liquidation company, or left available to the family depending upon the clients wishes. Many times families like to donate items to charities in which they were close to. Most charities also offer a tax write off.


Records, Receipts & Payment

Estates are paid within two (2) business days of the estate sale completion. We provide daily accoutning totals. By law, we collect and pay the California State Board of Equalization 9% sales tax. If offsite sales occur, additional time is needed for other specialty auctions, E-bay and Flea Market sales to allow for payment. We will take our agreed upon commission from the gross after the sale and then pay the estate the balance with a carbon copy of all the receipts.

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